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CDM Music Group

CDM Music Group is a New York based label that was established in 2017. With our vast array of resources and proficiency in the music business, CDM Music Group commits itself to innovation, artist development, and mastery of craft.


Beyond anything, our goal is to remain an organization-first company. We believe that all of our members and partners play a key role in the success of our company and its artists. Our core values and internal stability in the changing landscape of the industry are what truly makes our group unique.



Hailing from the infamous Queensbridge
Housing Projects in Queens, New York rapper Kev Dollaz draws from the rich history of a neighborhood where legendary MCs like Nas, Mobb Deep, MC Shan, and Capone N Noreaga were raised. Featuring hard-hitting rhymes and a unique cadence, he enters the rap game as the next QB native with his own signature style, combining old school east coast rhythm & flow with a new school contemporary drill rap and trap feel.

After generating a local buzz within his community, the rapper caught the eyes (and ears) of industry executives, culminating in the signing of a record deal with CDM Music Group in mid-2019. Kev Dollaz is in the studio and expected to release his debut EP “Block Vibes” in 2020. Until then, the rapper will deliver a flurry of promotional singles to look forward to.


As a millennial artist who is a product of his internet influences, Dutch Revz brings to the table a fusion of alt-rock, pop, and trap in his music catalogue. Based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Dutch Revz originally emerged into the Toronto rap scene as a producer for the likes of Yung Tory, Jordan Solomon DillanPonders and more. After making waves locally, Dutch transitioned into full-time vocalist with his debut record For A While in 2018.

Dutch’s uncanny ability to seamlessly transition from hard-hitting distorted bass records like Max Payne to more pop-friendly, melodic tracks like Pick Me Up is a testament to the eclectic nature of his prowess. With a unique look to pair with, the young artist looks to push the boundaries of internet virality as he carves his way to stardom.


Hailing from Toronto, Canada, singer-songwriter JNYR attempts to bridge the gap between upbeat modern RnB and 90s melodic nostalgia. Fresh into the scene, the year of 2018 saw JNYR evolve quickly; culminating in the release of his debut EP “Transition.” The project is an eclectic and sonically cohesive work that has garnered over 3 million streams on Spotify and drawn attention worldwide. “Transition” peaked at #32 in the iTunes RnB charts in Canada and also charted in other territories.

Apart from his records, JNYR also prides himself in his “pen game” and derives his style from his upbringing in the Scarborough section of Toronto, where he was exposed to hip hop, reggae-dancehall, jazz, alternative rock and a myriad of thriving cultures. The exposure to these genres early on is manifested through his music today and contributes to his diversity as a creative individual.